Tuesday, June 28, 2011

First Email Home!

Soooo.. There's been a lot that's been going on lately. I feel pretty stressed, but I'm getting through it. :)

This week has been so busy and there is so much to learn about the gospel. More than I ever thought I would know (I hate this computer and keyboard. I keep hitting the start or windows button when I'm typing so it messes everything up.) I miss the family so much and I wish I had time to write everyone. This morning when I got up there were 13 letters in for me in the box.... WOW! I am SO thankful for all of the letters, and I promise I will write back as soon as possible. It is just so busy here all the time.

 I've started working out with the elders in my room. (Elder Nelson is on UVU basketball team and he makes us all do "HUNDIES" (a hundred push ups sit ups pull ups and he has band excercise too -with him.)

I love the spirit here, and I feel so uplifted when it's with me. My companion Elder Tuckett is a good guy, he has a really dry humor that I don't understand at all... and sometimes brings me down, but I've been learning to just push it off to the side. On the up side he has helped me learn so much about the gospel. He has read the scriptures many times and has done so much research about them. We taught a TRC lesson (a real investigator) yesterday, and It was the best lesson yet. We didn't even plan it, and we taught so well :)
I really miss the family and all of my friends, but I just have to keep thinking "it's only 2 years."
Elders Bednar gave us a special fireside the other night  (I can't remember what day it was... they are all running into each other.) It was really good. He taught us how to be a PMG missionary, I don't have my notes so I don't really remember what all I learned.
I wish I could think of more to write, but I'm seriously brain dead.. When I'm not in class, personal study or teaching a lesson I just think of nothing, I am litterally exhausted from thinking.. I feel overwhelmed about everything, and I'm not sleeping or not sleeping well most every night, but i'm trying so hard to rely on the lord to get me through it.
I love you all and once again I'm so thankful for all the letters I've recieved. I miss you.
Elder Marshall