Thursday, October 27, 2011

Our Investigators

Here is some about our investigators..
J and E are a couple that we're teaching, and the are the most sincere investigators. It's humbling to just hear them pray. They know this gospel is true. We've also been teaching Elizabeth's mom and grandma and we asked the mom what she though about getting baptized (We can't baptize her cause she lives out of the area) and she expressed to us that she see's this peace inside of us and so much joy, and that she wants that in her life. WOW. I was about to cry like a little baby the spirit was so strong. They're all going to be baptized eventually. I know it. They have the most sincere questions, and I have such a great love for them.

WE are also teaching E and T. They are so great. They always have us over for dinner. We went over there the other day and did yard work for them. It was supposed to be a surprise but their daughter showed up and caught us. At least it gave us the chance to get to know her better and possibly teach her more about the church. She's "Not looking for a religion though", but the religion is looking for her. :D

Oh yesterday at district meeting we were able to have our interviews with president. The really neat part is when we showed up to the chapel there was this guy that was there working. He is Auntie Michelle Monga's brother! We talked for a bit. Very neat guy. His name is Ken Thevenin.

Elder Salmond and I have been working very hard together we are trying to find those that are ready to be baptized. He has been teaching me to be more bold in my teaching and how to become a better missionary. I learn each and every single day we're together. HE is a great missionary. 

I'm grateful for all that you do for me. I love you so much.
Elder Marshall

PS Thanks for the Notes in the package :) I enjoyed them especially to hear from Uncle Bobby
PPS  I love Lars' "Be good... Sort of." He totally knows me :) P.S. The comp I'm with now reminds me of Lars 98% of the day haha:)
PPPS Thanks for the spanish CD's I'm already putting them to use.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

We Have a Baptism Date Set


I forgot to tell you last email that my pday is today. It's only Wednesday for this week. It will be Thursday this next week. We have Zone conference tomorrow and I totally spaced letting you know. I'm sorry

This week hasn't been to much of a exciting one. But we're working hard. We've been working our butts off.

Saturday we had a baptism for a lady that we finished teaching from the last missionaries. It was great. I got to give the talk on the Holy Ghost. It was pretty neat. Then Sunday we confirmed her, and I was asked by the bishop to talk on exact obedience after that. It went really well. Many of the members came and told me I did a wonderful job. I may send the talk home so y'all can read it. Last Thursday I gave a lady a blessing, I was just the mouth piece. When I closed she stood up and turned around, and she had tears rolling down her face. I know that the spirit will guide us as long as we rely on it to. It knew what she needed to hear in that blessing, because I sure didn't.

We also have been meeting with our investigators quite frequently. We hope they all continue to progress. On couple we're working with was pretty apprehensive to their baptismal date. We worked with them and realized that they really wanted to be married on a certain date, they had plans set and everything, but they felt pressured to move that date up to Saturday. We pushed their date back so they could get married on the planned day. They're super pumped about the baptism now :)

That's about all I've got for y'all. I love you. I hope everything is going well.

Also I hope all is well at the office.

I love you,
Elder Marshall

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Type Writer

Howdy :D :D 

My new address is
1429 E. 6th St.  Apt 34
Big Spring, TX 79720
I would love to have all of the missionary and letters mailed to me. Everyone else who wants to write would be great!  :)

We have to drive down to midland each week for district meeting. It's a nice drive, and it gives us some time to either think or talk :)

We live in an upstairs apartment. It's not to shabby, but I know I would never live there after the mish. I probably wouldn't live in most of the places missionaries live. haha

That's great to hear that lars and liz will have family time. If they slack... I'll fly home over night beat them up, give tham a good talking to and then fly back before my comp gets up in the morning. :) haha

Things are going GREAT out here in Big Spring. It's definitely different from Seminole (I LOVE Seminole.), but I'm learning to love it here. I really am enjoying the work here. My companion is giving me room to grow, and is teaching me so many things. He lets me answer questions and talk at the door, and even when I freeze he just lets me keep on making a fool of myself just standing right there next to me smilin :) It's great... hahahaha

We have a ton of investigators and we're pullin apart the hay to find the needles.

The other night we just stopped in on a family we're teaching. We normally are there answering questions and talking and that night we were able to sit down and teach them about the Book of Mormon and the importance it is, and how it's the Keystone of our religion. After the lesson. I felt this strong impression to invite them to prepare to be baptized. Everyone seemed kinda thrown through a loop. My companion didn't see it coming and the couple didn't see it coming and the member we were with didn't see it coming, and best of all I didn't see it coming, but the impression was so strong it just came out. The couple went on to say that they've been baptized and started asking questions of why they need to again. Normally my previous companions would have just taken over and answered all the questions. I looked over at Elder Salmond, and he just smiled and let me take it! The spirit had to be guiding me, because I know if I was to answer the questions by me.. It wouldn't have gone as well as it did :) 

We have a baptism this Saturday, and I have the opportunity to give the talk on the Holy Ghost. I will have to type it up on my brand spankin new TYPE WRITER!!! I found in our apartment :D

This last Monday we were able to go on exchanges with our zone leaders. I had a great experience down in ODESSA! I was in first ward area so I didn't get to visit or see the members I would have liked to , but we got a ton of work done. We did a church tour (my first as a missionary). It was so great the investigators had a great experience. We got into the chapel and Elder Brewster said. "How do you feel in here?" And WHOOSH the spirit hit me like a ton of bricks!

I'm really loving my area and the work that we're able to do. But I'm dog tired every night. Which is a good thing :)
Well I'll have to put more of what happened during the week in my planner so I have more to tell.
I love you. You're in my prayers, and always in my heart.

Elder Marshall

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Transferred Again

Momma and friends,

Conference was AMAZING. I really enjoyed it. There were many things that were uplifting. I really love listening to Pres. Monson.  He made me laugh so hard! :)

Monday was pretty frustrating day. We were supposed to get our call for transfers between 10 and noon. Our zone leaders forgot to call us and we finally called them. Elder Krizin and I got double transferred out of Seminole. When we went to visit the branch members to tell them they were really upset. One of the families actually cried (the parents did.) They said we have a spirit about us that made us great missionaries. I really miss Seminole, the people there are so wonderful and loving. I really felt home when I was there. 

We are in a ward here.  We are about 4 hours or so from the mission home.  We are the only two missionaries in Big Spring. It is a really small town, just like I wanted.

I LOVE the photo's.   It's nice to see everyone and show people who friends and family are.Any of my friends can send photo's too or give them to Momma, she sends me packages every month or so.

Next package I would LOVE beef jerky from Costco. I'm sure theirs other things, but I can't think of anything right now..

That's good. I have a ton of letters to reply to, but I just don't seem to have the time

I got transferred to Big Spring (NO "S" at the end) TX. It's great here. I'm with Elder Salmond (The D is silent). He's The district leader here. We are whitewashing the area together, and this is his first time being a district leader. I'm really excited to be working here. I really miss working and can not wait. I don't have any time left on this computer..... They allow an hour and the computer turns off. No matter what. So I've gotta go. I love you and I'm glad everyone is doing okay. 

I miss Tyler and Matt letter's.  Print them and mail them, I don't have enough time of the computer for everyone.  How are Dylan, Ali, Julia and Jonathon doing?  Print their letters too!:)

Elder Marshall

(I'll post his new address as soon as I get it.  He forgot to send it with this email.  You can send letters to the mission office - the address is on the sidebar.  However, please do not send packages to the mission office, they do not forward them.  Thanks for all you love and support.)