Tuesday, December 11, 2012

To send a letter to Elder Marshall

Elder Marshall's address 
 802 West Daggett #16
Pecos Texas 79772

Catching up

November 5-December 6
We bought a washer and dryer for the area in Clovis. All the missionaries in the area pooled $60 together and we were able to buy them. It's nice. We don't have to worry about paying out the waa- zoo to wash our clothes, and future missionaries don't either. 

Things Austin will need on his mission...I would say he ought to bring are the shirt stays I sent home to him. They help a ton to keep his shirts tucked. He ought to bring out shoes he feels comfortable in. not just the work out shoes. Clothes that he likes to wear, not just plain clothes. I was going insane not having regular clothes. Bring a lot of ties, whether they are the best ties on the planet or not. He will want to trade ties in the MTC and on the field with people. If you can get him socks that will for sure last. They have CTR socks in one of the malls up there and there are several missionaries that bought them and they last through their whole mission. Make sure he brings him backpack to the MTC, cause I hated carrying around all of my junk between classes and meals. He should have some flash drives that he could send home probably just two 8 gigs or something. Make sure his camera has the cord. That will be important. Don't worry about tie clips ask Derrick Fish what a tie buddy is. those will be great. They keep your tie down and nobody ever knows. When he goes into the MTC they will give him a PmyG the first day. They are free that first day. Just have him get that one and not worry about bringing an older one unless he has notes in it he likes or needs. They also have like 3 quarter size. if he can get one of those they are nice to be able to carry around when he first get out. I can't think of anything else. 

Oh can you look up on line or something and figure out how to make a tie. I've been wanting to learn, but I don't have the time to search around online to find a pattern. If you do end up finding one I will need to learn how to hand stitch or have that miniature sewing machine sent out.

I am excited for Jessica! Tell her I love her! :)

Happy Thanksgiving! I know holidays are hard with everyone gone. I am sorry you are sad. I won't be gone for much longer though. 7 months left. I am glad dad helped for Christmas you decorate and get everything ready. You married a great man.

Thanksgiving was great for me. We had two homes that we went to for dinners. One was an investigator and the other was a member who moved from Michigan. I ended up eating 5 plates of food and then a bunch of deserts.. I was about to explode! The dinners were super great. The food was delicious.

That's neat that you were able to see the Thornton's  at Dylan's homecoming.  He must have been a great missionary to be able to talk for 20 minutes.  I have a hard time talking for 2 minutes. 

I heard it was really warm up there. I am headed more south so hopefully it will be warm down there. I'm pretty north right no, and it is DANG cold. But then again... 40 degrees is freezing to me. My new area is Pecos. It is a branch down in the very southern part of the mission. The area covered is  HUGE. I don't really know much more about the area than that. I am in another mob to kill a missionary who is going home early for Christmas.

I am a little disappointed that I am moving and getting a new companion. I finally started to get to become better friends with Elder Shurtleff and now we have to move.  I love working with him.

I am glad to hear that dad is cleaning out the garage. I bet you will both be able to park in the garage again! :) haha
Austin called me this morning! That was pretty exciting! My comp answered the phone and was super confused why a Utah number was calling. We all ended up talking to him for a pretty good amount of time and gave him some good advice.
Our Christmas conference is tomorrow Wednesday. We were super busy yesterday doing service for a member so we weren't able to get over and email. 
The area and the branch are great! We are always busy working. There are very few times we aren't busy. We are working with a couple people right now. There are quite a bit of solid potential people to be teaching we just need to buckle down and work with them. We are teaching a lot of younger guys pretty much from 15 to 20's. It is neat. We should be seeing a lot of success form them. 
The Branch is a decent size, about 40 or so on a really good day. Some of them are super Texan. "Marshall, That's a good name. A good ol' Merican name." Brother Sparkman.
The apartment we are living in is disgusting. The carpet is ripping up, there's mold, and hard water build up on everything that could ever get wet. The windows aren't sealed very well because they sweat so the paint around them is peeling up. There is a lot wrong with it, but I am working on cleaning it a little every night. Hopefully soon it will be clean. Some things never change.  I work better in a clean area.
Yes, there's a walmart in our area. It is a very small walmart... Like double the size of dads office. 
Oh thanks for the pictures. :) Elder Streeter opened up the mail box and got really excited for mail that wasn't his :) haha
That is pretty neat that Austin has 3 wards! It is hard to cover more than one ward. I have never had to do it, but that's because our ward boundaries size is just bigger than our stake.
We have exciting news!!! We are having for sure one baptism this weekend!!!! There is a recent convert here who brought her grand kids to church with her. We started teaching them Wednesday and the three of them want to get baptized! Two we found out may have to wait, but they want it so bad! It is neat to teach them and watch them want a knowledge of Christ and His teachings! They share their testimony with us all the time. The grandson Fr___ who will for sure be baptized this weekend always says he feels a warm feeling that he can't describe as we teach him! SO COOL!!!!
There are so many things we are being blessed with :) I am so grateful for all of the preparation God has done in this area!
Things are going very well and we are having lots of success
I hope you are doing well.  I love your guts.
Elder Marshall, number one ;)
I hope everything is going well with you.