Saturday, November 26, 2011

I Can Make Tamales

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

 I'm really loving reading the Gospels. I've decided I'm going to read the whole Standard works before I get home. I'm working on the BOM and New testament right now, with the BOM I highlight References to Christ, and underline words or phrases that stick out. I'm going to read the Pearl of Great Price after that and then Old Testament then D&C then bible dictionary ;) lol I hope I'll be able to get through the whole thing.

Don't send any new shirts, I still wear the 16-32. I just wanted you to know I am the same size ;) lol
I've been eating healthier :) 

Oh I made Home Made tamales this week with Hermana Gomez :) She said I'm a pro :) I will make them when I get home.  She invited us to her house for Christmas.

As for missionary work it seems to be repetitive ... Sad to say.. I have been trying to stay happy as I work though. Members should work with the missionaries more.  I Love all those I teach and come in contact with, but it feels like everything is the exact same ALL the time.

I hear you're feeling healthier :) That's great to hear! 

I'm glad to hear that Austin is officially an Elder. When is his paper work going in? Oh have you ever heard of "Scriptorian scripture marking system?" by Richard Neff Kettley.  I think that would be great for Austin to have before He goes on his mission. It will help him reference scriptures faster.  Also It's good to hear that He is going to be working with Joe. He will learn a lot about electrical stuff from him.

Your Stake Conference Started with the Sacrament? Hmm... I've never heard of that before, but that sounds like it would really bring the spirit to the meeting. 

Hope everyone is well.  I would love to get some more letter HINT HINT!!

I love the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Love to everyone,
Elder Marshall

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Staying in BIG SPRING

Howdy there   :)

It's been 6 weeks and I'm still here in Big Spring for another transfer!

I would like some more beef jerky :) I really can't think of anything I need, and I know that drives you nuts because you want to get me things for Christmas. BUT I'm content with what I have.

Things are going well here. I'm hoping that the work starts to pick up and we get more people to teach. We have a large list of people we can see, but they all seem to be very difficult to reach.

We got dropped by 2 investigators with a baptismal date Sunday by a text. We were over at there house as fast as legally possible to resolve concerns. We still are teaching them :) We just know they would pray to know this is the true church. They still want to get baptized, and that is their goal.  We have to wait for things to clear up... and they're ready to just jump into whatever water they can to be baptized. I hope they receive their answer soon.

We are been being well taken care of by Hermana Gomez. She treats us like her own children :) We have been talking to her alot, and She is planning on coming to churchthis Sunday. I"m so excited! We've also been trying to get closer to her husband to get him to come also :) I love their family, they are so great to us.

Oh Lately for my studies I've been reading out of the 4 gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and writing down all the questions Jesus asks. I've been trying to apply them to my lessons. I've decided the best person I can learn from is Christ, and through the Holy Spirit. I am so grateful to have the Book of Mormon, and the Bible to compare with each other. They shed so much light on everything I need to learn.

Yesterday Night Juan y Elisabeth had their baptismal interviews and they PASSED!! We're so excited for them! They are progressing so well, and we talked to them about the temple last night, and they have set a personal goal to be sealed in the temple in a year from their baptism.

Well, I don't have much more time. I love you , and I'm so grateful for all your support and prayers.

Elder Marshall

Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Fairy Rings"

Hey :)

That is so great to hear that you were able to go to Brittany's baptism! I'm so happy that it was able to happen!
Amanda and I have been keeping in touch and she told me she was a wreck trying to prepare her talk.
Umm... I'm not sure if I've gained weight. I don't have a scale... haha I may have a little
I can't really think of anything I want for Christmas. I've been putting a lot of thought into it too. I want to work as hard as I can out here and I don't think there's anything that would help me move faster. I do need to get new shoes, but I'll go buy them.

This week has been going by pretty smooth. I feel like I can't remember anything I've done. It seems we go out and do the same thing and have the same progress every week. 

There was a lady we knocked into the other day that we talked to for quite sometime. She told me before we left that I have "Fairy rings" around my eyes and that means I've been touched by God. She also told me I have some of the prettiest eyes she's ever seen. She's an older lady... SO she's seen lots of eyes in her life.

My testimony has grown so much recently. I've been devoting myself to studying almost constantly, when I am not working. The more I learn the more I want to  know. I want to come to learn this gospel even more than I do now. 

Well... I don't have much more to say or talk about.. I'm sorry.

I love you mom, and I hope all is going well. Thanks to everyone for the letters :)
I miss you all.
Elder Marshall

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I've been waiting FOREVER for y'all to come knock on my door!

Hey :)
That's great to hear that Dale got DUNKED! :)

You'll have to send pictures of Austin and the little guy :)

So last Friday was SICK!

Elder Salmand and I were walking down the road and all of a sudden from way down the block we hear this guy hollerin and yellin and then we see him running from way down the block towards us!  I was a little skeptical at first to go to him at first... hahaha  So we walked up to him being diligent missionaries. When we got to him or.. He got to us He said "I've been waiting FOREVER  for y'all to come knock on my door!" and then we talked a little and he said he had a question for us.  He said "Did Joseph Smith really read through a rock?!"  HAHAHA  We then proceeded to tell him the truth and correct his views. He has heard a lot of anti on the church and he really wants to know the truth. Well He's going to get the truth and be baptized! well I hope he does :)   

Our Investigators are doing well. We taught J and E and S- E mom all the commandments the other day and re committed them to everything. They are about as solid as it gets and they are living their lives to the gospel standards. They know what we have taught is true! I hope I'm around to see them get baptized! 

E and A  are progressing well. We have been reading the Book of Mormon with them a lot lately, and we hope to get a solid lesson in with them soon. They just need to gain a testimony of this gospel.

We are also being well taken care of by Sister Gomez. She feeds us anytime we need food, and does anything we need. She use to be a chef and had her own restaurant!  Definitely good food!

For Halloween we had to go in early. At 6. We are really far from all the other elders and sisters so we just stayed in Big Spring and relaxed. Missionaries can't dress up... We did have a trunk or treat the Saturday before and that went well. About 30 members showed up. there was some food there :)

Lately I've been working on my testimony. I feel like I need to grow in ever single aspect of the gospel.  I've been spending a lot of time on my knees trying to know what Gods will is for me. I know that I need to work hard at strengthening myself so I may be an example for all those around me. I am His mouth piece and His tool. I will do all that He directs me to do. I need to remember that in all I do. I'm not here on this earth to go through the motions and do my will. I'm here for the Fathers will. Just like Christ asked for the bitter cup to be removed. Not My will, But thine be done.

I've gotta go. The time is almost out. I love you momma. Let me know how the baptism goes. I will be praying for her.

Oh I've got you scarf done. I should be mailing it soon. Hopefully this week... I'll let you know next p-day if I do! :D I hope you love it!
Elder Marshall