Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Staying in Clovis

October 15
Hello everyone,
That is great to hear about Austin going to the temple! I am happy things went well for him there. 

I will make sure to pray for grandma. It is so crazy to think that the veil is so thin right before we pass, I bet she is seeing many people and hopes she will be able to tell them we love and miss them. I know that we are really right here living with our kindred dead. It is something we really don't think about or realize until we are right there by someone who is ready to pass.

I can't think to much about what I remember about Grandma...I was always to enthralled with grandpa, and didn't pay much attention to her, except when I was watching her before I left. I know she had to be a wonderful woman because grandpa wouldn't want any less than the best. She was not always the easiest to be around, but I know she had a great heart and a strong testimony.  She always had the best intentions. She loved hanging out with her friends and laughing. I remember one time at the cabin we were watching conference and she fell asleep.  We thought it would be funny to change the change make her watch UFC fighting with us, and she was completely against it at first, and then a couple minutes later she was TOTALLY into it! BITE HIM! BITE HIM! KICK HIM! hahaha We all laughed and she cheered the whole way through. 

I am staying with Elder Pennington :) I am excited. We are getting a 3rd companion though.  We will work hard to make it work. The area is also splitting again. I am not happy about it because Elder Pennington and I have worked so hard to get referrals and gain trust with the members, and now everyone we are teaching may go to the new elders coming in the area.. We'll see how everything goes. We will be moving again. I will make sure to get you the address of our new place. We are thinking we are going to be moved in with a member. I am glad that Elder Pennington and I are staying together. He is definitely one of my favorite companion.

I haven't gotten the absentee ballot thing yet, but I should be getting it soon. I want to vote!

Things are going great in the area right now! We are receiving so many referrals. The members love to have us over. We are getting people to church, and have several people ready to get baptized. I am excited to have those we are teaching gain the blessings that we have as members. We have a couple people that we were working with ask us to come back and teach them. We can not wait to continue with them.

I love you,
Elder Marshall

Right after getting this letter Elder Marshall's grandma Marshall passed away in her sleep.  We were able to call and speak with him about her.  He remember more things about her and expressed his gratitude for having such wonderful grandparents.  He also bore his testimony of the plan of salvation. He knows he will see both of his grandparents again one day.  She will be missed.

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