Tuesday, July 5, 2011

He's Doing Great!

I got your package this morning of my pants and socks and shoe goo. thank you :) The post has been slacking here cause of the 4th weekend. So I don't know if any of my letters are home or what.

I've been slammed busy studying and trying to become better at teaching. Elder Tuckett (my comp) his mom sent us a package hahaha she sent 6 donuts and a couple books with bible stories with the pictures to help for visual. Elder Tuckett ended up eating all of the donuts the first night hahaha. Elder tuckett and I really get along and have a good time with each other. We probably get along the best in our whole district. P.s. I LOVE MY DISTRICT!! We have so much fun together.  Elder tuckett and I have been studying alot and we try and make our whole day a companionship inventory. He and I talk about when we do something we don't like and we try and lift each other up all the time :) it's kinda funny cause all of the other elders in our district are always trying to get away from their comps and go on exchanges and we are the only 2 that never want to trade. I had a little bit of a hard time with him at first, but that's cause he doesn't open up and share his whole life story like I do... but I've learned to overcome it and just ignore it.
I've got the lesson of the restoration down pretty dang good and Elder tuckett has been awesome at filling in on all the gaps (he's a gospel genious) :) so I'll teach the lesson as simple and as quickly as possible and he answers all the questions and expounds on what I missed :) we've really been learning how to work with each other :)
Things are great here. I'm not feeling home sick anymore (well on occasion, but I just get so caught up in studying and working to even think of being home) and I'm really loving my comp. He's helped me out in so many ways. I understand so much more when I'm teaching. I hope it all sticks :)
How are things at home? I would be writing and trying to get letters out, but they've stepped up the schedule so we're 10 times as busy studying trying to stay ahead of our district in the gospel. So tell everyone put it on facebook or whatever saying I'm tryingm to get letters out, but it's way to busy.
OH MOM!!! You let Marissa in my room!!!! WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!  whatever I'm jsut going to tell her it was messy cause I had to pack :D
How is the new building going? Has any work been done on it yet? can you send pics so I can see the progress.
How's Austin and Rebecca doing at the front desk?
Tell Linda and Becca I love them and miss them :) I hope they're doing well!
Ugh... I hate trying to beat the timer!! this is ridiculous... lol
Oh dearelder the responses so I can read them before I leave.. I leave monday morning.. I don't have the info on me right now, but I'll write a letter home on everything about it.
I love you all and I hope everything is going well :) keep me up to date on things and I will do my best to do the same :) I love you!
Oh austin get to reading on the scriptures. Read them like they were written for you!
I'm just about out of time. I'll hopefull be able to write you on Saturday (my next P. day cause I'm leaving.)

Elder Marshall

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