Thursday, July 21, 2011

Some Q&A's

Dear Family and Friends, 
Mom asked me a bunch of questions which made letter writing so much easier this week: 
(Oh my birthday is August 4th- that is why she asked questions about it)

Are you enjoying your ward? Yes, the ward is great. it's very small but it's good

Do you only have one? Yes elder Pentecost and I have only one ward. We are in Odessa second ward.

Do you like your trainer?  He's a good guy.... I told my trainer when I met him that I know what it's like to work hard and that I expect to do so :)

Do you live in a house or an apartment? We live in a house, with a member.

If you are in a home do you live with members? We do live with a member. His name is brother Kelly - he's a really great guy. He's super funny.

Do you have any investigators? Yeah we have investigators. One wants to get baptized in December and isn't sure if Joseph Smith was a prophet, but believes in the BOM....

How many missionaries are assigned to each ward? There's usually one set per ward... the wards are HUGE!!!  
Do you eat at members homes much?  No my trainer doesn't really do dinner... so... 

Do you want me to send your package the mission office or the house? send it to the house. or it will take over 6 weeks to get it to me.. unless it's near transfers then just hold mail till I get my new address.

Is there anything special you would want for your birthday? Nothing that I can think of off the top of my head. I wish I wrote down a list, cause there's some things that I thought about.. oh a harmonica. I want to learn to play one while I'm out here. 

Is there a Costco near? no there's no Costco out here in Texas:( 

Did you get a bike?  Yes I got a bike for free, but I slipped a Benjamin and a thank you note in his stuff though cause I wasn't going to take it for free.  It's a specialized hardrock edition.

I'm still trying to figure out cooking!! HAHA I do a fairly decent job at it :0 My comp enjoys it.

My area ..... it's pretty much like old Henderson, and then there's a small part of it that's really nice. We spend most of our time in the poor part because the part of town that is well off just shuts the door on our face... hahaha My comp is a great guy, He teaches me lot and tries to correct me when I do wrong.. I don't think he knows that I'm perfect.

I love you :D
elder marshall

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