Friday, August 26, 2011

Where is Seminole, Texas?

So this week was transfers..

I was moved down to Seminole. It's a beautiful little po-dunk town. I love it here! So Monday I E. Pentecost and I went out to work. We went to a less active members house Mojo. This man is so funny about everything he talks about and does. He had us do some service for him before we left. He pulled out a Kirby Vacuum Cleaner. It's from the 1970's and he asked us to clean it for him. So we went back in and went for lunch, and we got a call from our zone leaders. 

They had transfer info. So I went first since I had the phone and all I was told was to report to the church the next day at noon and I would be headed up to Lubbock. and then E. Pentecost was told to report to Ammarillo. 

So we went back out to work with a member from the ward. He is a really awesome guy. So We went and saw Kenny and Jennifer. They are investigators that we have. We told them that we were getting double transferred out. They were really disappointed. There's sister in the Odessa 2nd ward now. I really hope things transition over smoothly from us to them.
Later that day after packing we went to see the Kaio Family. I LOVE this family. They are a lot of fun. We were there for about an hour. We were able to help clean their house. Sister Kaio was having contractions and getting ready to go to the hospital. Brother Kaio gave me a hug before we left and told me that I was a great missionary and that I have a lot of potential. I will miss them.

Oh  BTW mom he should be sending me some songs on my hotmail. it's his rap cd. I would appreciate if you could keep an eye out for them. They might possibly end up in junk mail cause he's not a contact.

That night when I went to go to bed I found a little bug crawling around in my sheets and I just about flipped!!!! I thought it was a bed bug. So because of procedure I called housing and they said to pack everything anyway and move and they would have insecticide for me to wash all of my clothing with as I unpacked.. I took a up close picture of the bug for the guy over housing and he said it wasn't a bed bug, but to be safe I had to was all of my clothes and sheets and spray my suitcases anyway.

So Tuesday we transferred. Wow! It was ridiculous. LOL. We went to get on the transfer bus and apparently president decided to move just about everyone and white wash most areas.... So The bus was PACKED there was a ton of missionaries on there and so much luggage you can't imagine! We got to the transfer site and I found out who my new companion, it was E. Pentecost last comp, now I'm companions with Elder Krizin. He's a pretty cool guy, and we seem to get along just fine. 

When we got together we found out we were white washing Seminole and other outlying towns. We for the life of us could not figure out how to get out of Lubbock and down to Seminole. Finally we got a map and headed out. We were able to help 2 different people change their tires. We got pretty dirty in our suits. So we got to seminole, and we realized we don't know where we live.... So I gave Elder Carbine a call, he's the elder over housing, and his wife is the secretary for the mission. We finally found the apartment after wandering around for about 30 minutes.  So we got there and it was 10:30 and opened the door and the apartment was DIRTY. So we unpacked what we had to to go to sleep and went to bed.

Yesterday, Wednesday we cleaned ALL day long... I had to wash all of my laundry because of the bed bug possibility and we couldn't leave so we just cleaned. We cleaned for at least 11 hours. The place was so dirty we even had to clean walls.. The worst part about that day is the AC stopped working and it was 90 degree's all day long.. It was SO HOT!

So we went out to eat dinner since we don't have food, and we have to get food all the way up in Lubbock... It's terrible.. I can't remember where we went, but it was a mexican restraunt. It was so good! We were able to talk to the owner and a few of the patrons eating there. They gave us a bunch of the food that they were just going to trash :) But E. Krizin is a vegiterian and he can't eat any of it.

So this morning an AC guy came and fixed the AC. We were just low on refrigerant. Our apartment is comfortable now :)
That's pretty much where we are now. We're trying to get the work going here, so we're going to be doing a lot of knocking and contacting.

I'm so grateful to be out here doing the Lords work. I love it.
I miss you all.
Elder Marshall

Please write to me!!!!!!!
My new address is....................
Elder Devon Taylor Marshall
P.O. Box 543
Seminole, Tx 79360

Please let everyone know to send my letters here now.

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