Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Town - New Adventure - Same Questions

Hey there,
I do like my new comp.  He's a great guy. Him and I are both clean freaks, except I'm OCD, and he's not.  

More questions from mom.

How far do you have to go to shop on P-day?
We don't shop on P-day here in Seminole. The Walmart here has pretty much nothing, just a regular Walmart, not super.  Last week we didn't do much for p-day. 

Where do you shop?
We normally go to the Walmart up in Lubbock on Tuesday after District meeting.

Is there a 7-11 in town?
No there's no 7-11 here in town. at least that I know of.

What is your apartment like?
My apartment is nice. I really like it and I may be uploading my photo's onto a flash drive and sending them home so y'all can see everything I've took.
What is the physical address? (I like to google search it, it makes me feel good to see where you live.)
Umm My address is 1240 Main street, Seminole Texas, 79360. We're in apt 2a. Don't mail things here Nothing comes to our actual place we go to the post office to get mail.

What is your ward like?
We have a very small branch. It covers 4 towns, Denver City, Seminole, Lamesa, and Seagraves. There's about 60 Members, and a good sunday is about 40 members plus at church.
Do you have any investigators?
We don't have any investigators as of right now. We've been trying the last missionaries "dropped investigators" and each one that we've talked to says that they've talked to the missionaries once at the door step, and that's it. The worst was we tried a "progressing investigator" that they dropped right before we got into town, and he had moved over a year ago.
So no new investigators that we've taught more than once, but we are starting to have a lot of success. We have been doing a lot of knocking and we're trying to figure out days that we can go to the other cities and work.

Where is your comp from?
He's from Orem Utah. He's been home schooled most of his life.

What are your district meetings like?
District meetings are.. Very Very far away. We drive 70 plus miles up to Lubbock.And then 70 back to Seminole. I love our district though. We all really get into the meeting and have input for everything we talk about. It's nice to be involved and discuss the subject.
We also shop right after district meeting. The other store in Seminole are really expensive.

Are you liking the members, are they feeding you?  
The members here just found out that our meal schedule is back into effect. The last elders didn't take care of the area very well so we've been doing a lot of catch up. We have to talk to our mission president though because we don't know how well the 3 meals a week can go since the area is so big and there are so few members.  No member can do more that once in the month.
I just bought a GPS (a really nice Garmin Nuvi 1300 for $60) So I will be able to find and get to know the town better.. The only bad thing is I bought it at a pawn shop, and it doesn't have a window thing....the suction cup thing.. I have the part it goes into. So I'm going to try and see if I can find one at a radio shack or something next time we're up in Lubbock.

We've been having a pretty tough week out here. E. Krizin was sick and So we've been having a hard time getting out of the house.

Sunday was great. We got a lot done and have the chance to with out branch mission leader, and have him help us work out their area book. We also met this lady Clara May. She is a great woman. She was a blast to just sit and talk to.

We are hoping to have more success this up coming week.

I love you all and I miss you very much. Thanks for all of the letters.  Please keep them coming.... I also would like more of the stain remover-Soilove and Magic erasers. 

Elder Marshall

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