Thursday, May 24, 2012

Looking For More to Teach

Hello everyone-
Not much time, I have a million things to do today so I will write a quick note, just because it is short doesn't mean I don't love everyone who spends time reading.....

That's so neat to hear that the office property is almost done. It sucks that people used the property for trash.  Hope it all gets cleaned up fast.  Are the scout and missionaries helping?  I love helping.  Change of pace. 

You spoke in church Sunday too?  I was asked to give a 15 minute talk on repentance and the atonement.  I spoke for about 7 and a half minutes.  I prepared for like 2 weeks and  had plenty of material, but.. I was blank the whole time I was up there. I basically shared the couple points I had written down and then bore testimony and sat down.  I learned even if a talk is bad you should thank the person who spoke so they feel good about themselves and are less afraid when they get up. I am going to thank people more.

I miss taking long trips and driving for long periods of time. In Big Spring it was an hour drive down and an hour back every Tuesday for district meeting. That was nice. Has he driven to the cabin? It's a nice drive out there. The gorge is fun, and going up the mountain will give him some good experience. I'll never forget the time Austin drove in the church parking lot. I thought we were going to die! HAHA Hope he is better!  Speaking of the cabin...I will get mail next week, right?  

Oh man.... Evan, I'm not going to lie, doing anything with bombs sounds like the coolest job to have in the navy. Write to me and tell me about it.  

This week has been okay. We are working with a couple people, and are still looking for more to teach. Hopefully we'll find more people to teach this week. :)

It's good to hear everything is going well at home. 

Take some time to study the gospel.  It brings the spirit into your life and makes things go better.

Still no mice!!!!:) 

Love you all,
Elder Marshall

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