Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Hello everyone-

This week was horrendous... well... parts of it were.... and others were super great!

So last Tuesday was transfers. I am still here in Midland. Elder Rose and I are still companions, thank goodness. We are having a great time together. He reminds me a lot of Tyler when we started hanging out.

Wednesday is when things started going down hill..... I found a mouse in our apartment. I HATE MICE! They're disgusting!!!  Plus having them in the apartment made it hard for me to sleep or do anything. The one I found was under the sink. He jumped out at me and tried to attack me! I caught it and ruined it's life. Did I say I HATE MICE!  After that we went to the store at like 11 to get mouse traps to get rid of them.  We totaled at 17 mice! I was ready to move apartments. I despise mice. I am fine with them when they are caged up and controlled, but when the run free and rampant through belongings they deserve to die!

So, as for the rest of the week it went really well. We spent a lot of our time out finding investigators and gathering old potentials. Saturday we had a baptism for M.... and A...... They are two younger girls that are in a part member family. They are all members now. They were so excited to get baptized.  Elder Rose baptized them and I confirmed them. It is weird doing two confirmations at the same time, but it makes a big difference when the spirit is telling you what to say.

That's about all that has gone on this week... That I can remember.

I am hopefully going to be sending a box home with camera cards home this week if I can get somethings copied over to a zipdrive.

I have a new sister in my district who has.... touretts! She is so funny! She reminds me a lot of Austin because she'll make noises or move around and I just ignore it while everyone else always looks. 

I hope all is well. Will you print off some pictures for me of the new office? or you can wait till I sent the camera cards and you can take some pictures on there and then some video of everyone and more pictures. 

As for mothers day we are allowed to make a phone call home because it took to long for missionaries to focus again after skyping home. We will hopefully be able to skype again on Christmas. I have church at 9 in the morning here until 12 here. I will probably call later on Sunday. I can also have a member coordinate when would be the best time for me to call. Maybe our recent convert will be able to set it up. He's great and loves to talk!

I love you. Thank you for all you do for me.
Elder Marshall

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