Tuesday, June 5, 2012

So Grateful For This Gospel


You asked if we can go I get to go to baptisms in my district.  If there is a baptism in the area we are allowed to go if we have an investigator.  I would like to go to them all especially those I interviewed.  There is such a great spirit that is at baptisms. 

Not to much has happened this week for us. We are out working, but it's been slow, and kinda hectic as you can tell I ended up having to email you on Thursday.

We are working with a few people who are wonderful!  

It breaks my heart to hear about people doing thing they know are wrong or breaking commandments, but I can't control anyone's agency, that was satan's plan. I know we teach and talk about what is right and wrong. It is agency, but to every choice their is a consequence or reaction. We will be judged for our actions especially those we are making when we KNOW what is right or wrong. It tears me up inside to know people I love are not living up to their potential... Thank goodness for the atonement.  We all can use it as often as we need it.

I am so grateful for this gospel. I am grateful for the Book of Mormon, and the rest of the canon of scripture we have. I know that Joseph Smith is a Prophet. It's either that or he is the greatest con-artist in the world. I know with out a doubt that the Prophet Joseph Smith was directed and lead by God. It is undeniable. God loves us. I know that. I know he wants the best for us even if it means we have to go through trials to learn. We are to become more like God. We can do that as we endure through our trials with a determination, and a joy knowing that we are becoming like God. I know that Thomas Spencer Monson is a prophet of God. Listening to him speak is so soothing. I know that he is directed by God. I am forever grateful for the doctrine of the Church of Jesus Christ. It makes logic sense and you can feel the spirit as you study it. 

I love you,
Elder Marshall 

PS I am jealous you were all at the cabin, but I bet you are jealous I am serving a mission!  I can't wait to go to the cabin again. We have fun going with the Walker's. I love that game we play where we all act things out.  We all look silly but do it anyway because we all like to WIN!!! I guess next year Marissa and I will be back, and the year after Craig. You'll just have to wait till then to see who is on the winning team.  

I saw some of the photos of the office! It looks great!! Congrats Dad on all of your hard work. 

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