Wednesday, July 18, 2012

1 Million Steps


A couple good things have happened this past week. We went out and went tracting. We had pulled up in front of a house with a bunch of cars and my companion got a little upset with me because people sometimes freak out when someone parks in front of their house. Well, a man came out to smoke, and I got out and walked up to him. We started teaching and he put out his cigarette. Then he started asking questions and the lesson went well. We left him with a copy of the Book of Mormon and committed him to do a couple things. When we left we went and knocked on several neighbors doors after about 45 minutes we went back to the car, and he was still sitting there reading the Book of Mormon. While we were out knocking we saw another guy out working on his car. He was putting a new stereo in and couldn't quite get it figured out. I hopped in the car and set it all up while Elder Krizin talked to him. We went back a few days later and we were able to soft commit him and his wife to baptism.

I had leadership training this past week on Wednesday. It was pretty good.

My finger is healing pretty well. Still pink!

Don't worry about the cologne. I would love to have it, but it doesn't matter. I smell good anyway:) 

Oh one more thing I just hit 1 million steps. I'm sure I'm way over that because I don't keep it on all the time, but I just hit it today.

I love you. The church is true. I am grateful for the atonement.
Thank you for everything you do for me.

Elder Marshall

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