Wednesday, July 25, 2012

All in the Lord's Time

Elder Marshall's birthday is August 4.  
If you would like to send him a card his address is:
 2100 Mitchell apt 11 Clovis, 
New Mexico 88101 

Hey everyone-
So transfer rumor is I am staying in Clovis North with Elder Krizin. I have a feeling I will be with him until the end of his mission, 12 more weeks.  Sister Lao is staying and she is training, and Sister Sekona is leaving :( to Lubbock. Sister Lao is training Sister Peterson. Sister Lao is really stressed about it, but I know she'll do a great job. She is a great missionary

As far as the waiting for Austin's papers goes- Stop stressing about it. I know you are excited. And the longer it takes for his papers the longer before the whole family is together again but the Lord is in charge.  The other day I was talking to Sister Lao about how it took pretty much forever to get her papers in. Her stake president went on a vacation for like 2 months right before her papers got to him, and before that her bishop was taking forever to get them through. We talked about how it was frustrating for her to wait forever, but it seemed to be the right timing. If her papers had been in when she sent them in she may not have ever met the people she had, or even came to this mission. I know the Lord has it all planned out even when it takes forever for things to happen. It's in the Gods hands. Breathe! 

Oh I forgot Laura was doing the surrogate mother thing. That is so neat. I'm sure it is a blessing for them, and those who have always wanted their own children.

Happy birthday to Knox and Soleil! Last Tuesday....

My finger is doing well. It hurts when I bump it and to touch things with it is kinda weird. It hasn't popped off though. I don't know if Terry is still checking my finger. It seems to be healing well. I am a little nervous that the nail will become ingrown, but the dr said, "Let's just leave it the h... alone, and it should be fine."   ......ok.... 

The people we are teaching are well. We are working with a couple right now to help them get married. I feel bad we will go with them to a members house for dinner and then we'll start talking and then the member teaches the importance of marriage. it's been like 7 lessons in a row... It is insane. It is starting to get to the point to where I think they are thinking we are planning this to guilt them into getting married faster. But they are great!

We are working with a couple other people right now.  I am glad we are teaching.  I just hope they understand what we are teaching them.
What would an absentee vote do? Do they even count? or do they just disregard them? I don't really know who to vote for because I can't follow any politics. But, I 'd like a ballot.  I know it's important to voice our thoughts so we can complain if it doesn't go MY WAY!!!

I did get the most recent package. I opened it, then realized I probably shouldn't have... lol I didn't really look through it though.

A couple of thoughts
The other day I realized how some of us say things that are so repetitive in our prayers. We say good thing, but they just seem to stay affixed to something along the same lines. I was listening to one of the sisters investigators pray, and he was so humble when he prayed. He really talked about things that matter to him. He prayed about his wife, things he was struggling with. I know that man knows God. He has a relationship with him. The spirit was overwhelming after he closed the prayer. I know of the power of prayer. God listens. He wants to bless us, to talk to us, to love us. Some food for thought, If love is spelled t i m e, how much do we love God.

Sometimes companionships are hard!   WE are all children of God.  If the other or what he thinks of himself as normal, elders would just remember God has placed us there with that person. It is a commandment to endure to the end. We must endure happily. I know I struggle myself, but I just have to remind myself that I must humble myself as our Savior did in Gethsemane and do what God has planned for me. I may not want to, but it is what God has planned. Not my will, but His will. 

The district is much larger now.  Elder Brown is the DL. I don't know him, but I've heard he's cool. Less stress!

Thank you for everything you do for me. I love you so much. I miss you.
Elder Marshall 

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  1. Tell Devon his absentee vote does count because NV is a swing state.