Monday, September 17, 2012

We Have Tons of Work to Do!

I'm glad you and dad were able to get out of town and have fun. That's neat that you were able to go on that tour. You and dad will be great senior missionaries! 

We are so busy all of the time! I love it!!

Tell Lars happy birthday! I tried to send him an email but it sent it back to me saying it couldn't send anything. I have a card I need to mail out to him, but I need to find it...

Congrats to Scott and Bethany.  I am looking froward to meeting her when I get home.  I hear Amber S is engaged to, I am happy for her. I also hear Kyle is home.  Tell him hi and can't wait to talk to him, I bet he was a great missionary.

My comp and I just moved to a dairy farm that is owned by some members. Our address is the same we just moved locations with the Spanish elders, but we still check the mail up there. I would love some mail...HINT!

The work is going GREAT! We are receiving more referrals and are having a ton of work to do. It is so exciting! We are enjoying ourselves thoroughly :) We are constantly thinking about the same thing. We are so in-tune with each other. It is so great.

We are teaching about 5 people right now. We just got about 20 people from the bishop he asked us to work with in helping them come back to church. We couldn't be anymore busy! But I wouldn't want it any other way. The people we are teaching are doing so great. One of the guys we are teaching just got evicted and has till wed to get out. We taught him how to pray, and ever since his life has been full of miracles. He had no place to store his things and he was able to sell some things that cost a great amount of money and was able to pay for a storage unit. He was able to give up drinking over night. We challenged him to go to an Addiction recovery class and that next day he chucked all of his beer and said he was done drinking! Over one night! He is incredible. 

We are working with another young man who committed to be baptized  here in a couple weeks! He felt the spirit so strong as we taught him. 

Things are going so great, and I know it is because God is blessing our lives. I know we could not be having the success we are having if we did not keep the rules, have fun, and work hard.
Elder Pennington has been out 22 months, but we aren't talking about it ;)

There Are 3 companionships in our district. Elder Robles, Elder Southwick, Elder Pennington and I, and Sister Lao, and Sister Peterson.

Covering the ward is just Elder Pennington and I. It is great though! We are so busy it is ridiculous sometimes!

We got a car last week, and it is such a blessing. We drive almost 50 miles a day trying to get to all of our appointments and stay effective. It was impossible to cover the area we were covering before on bikes.

I love you!
Elder Marshall

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