Thursday, September 6, 2012

New Companion Same Area

Hello everyone!

That is so sad to hear that the Weedman's son in law got hit on his motorcycle! I hope he gets better soon. I will remember him in my prayers.I am excited mom are able to be a sub seminary! She always do a great job :) 

I have a testimony of the importance of coordination meetings.  Coordination meeting is VITAL to missionary work. It keeps the ward on task and keeps the missionaries going and everyone of them accountable. If there is no ward mission leader or he is unwilling or unable to have the meeting the ward missionaries should hold meetings.  We often hold ours on Saturday so they can account for their whole week of work, and the WML or Ward Missionary can report the progress in PEC and Ward Council.  I have had some great ward mission leaders.  Makes me respect dad more for all he did while he was in the calling.  

I bet Austin loved the fireside with Brad Wilcox.  He is such a great speaker. I wish I could go to his fireside.  I enjoyed the one I went to before I left.  You are lucky to have speakers come to Henderson.  We would love to have someone come and speak to the youth.  It is a great motivation for getting people excited about the gospel.

So I have a new companion! Elder Pennington! He is way tight! He's from Washington. I am so excited to be serving with him! I am still in Clovis still the same address. We are covering all of Clovis and a few out lying towns. Also we are on bikes! We need a car so bad. We have a request to get one so hopefully it comes soon because it will be impossible to be productive in this area without one. Neither of us know much about part of our area so it will be exciting to work everything.
I'm glad Austin wrote me a letter and to hear that he had a ton of fun out there on his mini mission! Sounds like he was able to go to a lot of baptisms! That is way neat! The only baptisms we are able to go to is our own unless there is one near by and can get an investigator to go to.  I am looking forward to hearing where he is going on his mission! I will miss seeing him for almost 4 years.  Crazy!  Study and get to know the lessons really well!

I hope you are doing well!  Studying your scriptures and praying a lot, it makes things go better. 

I am thankful to be serving the Lord and thankful for all of the letters I get.  Thanks to everyone who remembers me in their prayers.

Love ya,
Elder Marshall

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