Thursday, January 12, 2012


Things in Big Spring are snowy, wet, and ULTRA COLD! Not like winters in Vegas!

I am enjoying being with Elder Simpson. Lately I just haven't had the drive to be out working as diligent as I can be. I'm blaming the snow, but it shouldn't slow me down.  We are still going out and working, just not as diligent as possible.. I'll work on it. I don't want Elder Simpson to feel like he's wasting his time out here.

We are working on getting a couple baptisms this transfer, but it seems like they won't happen till the second week of Feb. I pray we will be able to get something to work out so we can get a baptism under his belt.

I love all the families we're working with right now. They're all so great. We enjoy watching them grow their faith in Christ.

There's one family :) The children are members except for the youngest. The Youngest has expressed to us that she wants to be baptized, and the mother and father are working towards baptism too. I LOVE their family. They are so great to spend time with, and help them grow in the gospel. The Mother got a Quad for Christmas and the whole family is now reading on there own. I'm going to try and put some family home evenings together so we can do that with them. I want so badly for their WHOLE family to become active again in church. They are so wonderful. 

There's a 23 yr old that we're working with. We visit him several times a week to teach him. HE has a baptismal date for Feb 4th! HE's so great, and LOVES the church. I love seeing his testimony of the gospel grow.  He has a solid testimony.  Just waiting for time.

I hope Sister Walker gets better! She seems to be spending a bit of time in the hospital recently.
WOW, just about the whole Black family.. Are they all doing better? I miss spending time with Palma. She's great! :) All of the Blacks are great.  I hope they feel better soon.  They will all be in my prayers.

OH! I have a waffle maker:) Did you see it in the pictures that were sent home? I got it at goodwill for 15 bucks! It's just like yours except the handle folds down for easier storage! :D I love it. I'll make a whole box of waffles and then have them to heat up later on in the week :) 

Quotes for the week...

“The missionary servants of the Church of Jesus Christ today are sent forth, not to assail nor ridicule the beliefs of men, but to set before the world a superior light, by which the smoky dimness of the flickering flames of man-made creeds shall be apparent. The work of the Church is constructive, not destructive.” Elder James E. Talmage

Boyd K Packer
"True doctrine, understood, changes attitude and behavior.  The study of the doctrines of the gospel will improve behavior faster than a study of behavior will improve behavior."

Marvin J Ashton
"The speed with which we head along the straight and narrow path isn't as important as the direction in which we are traveling."

Finally in our letter from President Augustin he said...
Let's follow the Prophet Joseph Smith's teaching of "being virtuous and pure...  Men and Women of integrity and truth; keeping the commandments of God and then be able to more perfectly understand the difference between right and wrong---between the things of God and the things of men.  Your path will be like that of the just, which shineth brighter and brighter unto the perfect day."

I hope all is well.
Elder Marshall

p.s. The hot water was out in our apartment today.. No shower and a lot of cologne... hahaha GROSS! i hope the hot water is working again before 6!!!! :/

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