Thursday, January 5, 2012


Hey Momma,

Things are going magnificent out here. Elder Simpson and I are doing wonderful. We are getting along GREAT.

You know how I've always had a hard time staying focused and keeping on track? Well I'm still bad at it haha. But I am trying to b obedient!

I've decided though, if I absolutely fail at everything as a trainer I hope he learns how much I love the gospel, and knows how much I love him. He's told me that since he's been with me he hasn't been home sick. I'm so glad. I want him to love his mission. He is probably one of the greatest missionaries, yes he has his fall backs, definitely less than I do, but he has a huge heart. I didn't quite understand him at first, but I've look past our differences. 

Things are progressing out here in Big Spring. We are trying to meet with our investigators now that the new year had past and continue to teach them so they will have the opportunity to accept Christ, and feel of His love.

I am so grateful to be able to be teaching this gospel. I know it is true. 

We knocked on a door this past week, and a lady answered, and she started preaching to us about how our church is wrong. I felt stuck in a hole. She was wording questions like she was trying to bash with us, and trying to prove everything wrong. Elder Simpson, LIKE A BOSS, bore a solid testimony, and gave them a copy of The Book Of Mormon to find out for themselves if it was true. I've been out here 6 months, and I had absolutely no idea what to do, and Elder Simpson just felt to bear his testimony. It is so great to have the spirit be able to guide us out difficult things. 


It sounds like you have a fun new calling :) That may even help in the family, with all of the newly weds we have :) haha

That's great to hear Tyson proposed to Britt, tell them I love them and hope they will achieve their goals together.

Ask Evan if I can play GRAB ---..  with him when he is walking down the isle to bring me my drink! ;) Tell them both I love them.

Tell Dan and Angie I love them.

Tell Lars and Liz I love them.

Tell the Whole World I love them :)

That's so great to hear that Austin is growing up and being responsible :) I knew he had it in him! Tell him to keep being a BOSS. He'll know what I mean :)

I'm glad everything is going well at the office.

I pray for you always :)

Elder Marshall
your prettiest son :)

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