Thursday, February 16, 2012

True Charity is Love in Action

Hello to all of my family and friends and those who come upon my blog,

Well  this week was full of knocking and not to much happening. I did get the letters you sent us. Elder Simpson was very joyful about it.  (Thanks Jessica for the beautiful doodles!) We really needed the uplifting. Letters make us happy!  

We had interviews with President this morning. They went really well. We had a lot to talk about but there wasn't quite enough time.  I love talking to my mission President.  He makes me feel good about myself and helps me refocus on the important things about serving the Lord.

I'm sick right now. Elder Simpson was sick earlier this week and then I caught it yesterday. I was in bed all day, and I didn't want to be. I have never been a good sick person, or good when others are sick.  I think I get it from Momma (Kidding...sort ya momma) 

There's not to much going on with our area right now. We were told by our AP's in district meeting to get solid commitments and how to get the work going.

There's two types of missionaries. Do-ers and Almost-ers. I know what kind I want to be. I've resolved that I want to be a more positive missionary and get the most out of the work. the more I put into it the more I will get out of it.  I'm tired of surface level conversation and small commitments. I want more.

I have more to talk about, but we need to get going. I miss you all.  Happy Birthday to Sarah on the 13th...sorry I missed you last week,  Liz on the 22nd,  Linda the 25th and Tyler the 27th.  Some of my favorite people were born in February.  

Thanks for all of the letters this week...I guess you put that in the blog...glad it worked....I love hearing from so many people!

I know this work is divine, and inspired of God. I know our Father in Heaven loves us with the most pure love.  President Monson said "There is a serious need for the charity that gives attention to those who are unnoticed, hope to those who are discouraged, aid to those who are afflicted. True charity is love in action. The need for charity is everywhere."

You are all in my thought and prayer. Be happy!
I love you,
Elder Marshall

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