Monday, April 16, 2012

The Chapel is Such a Spiritual Place

Things are good here in Midland. :) We have had clouds tempt us but nothing hit the ground. We need rain so bad here in this area.

Are y'all taking pictures of the new office? I can't wait to see the changes.

Grandma seems to be having a hard time. That has to be terrible for her.  Give her my love.

It's hard to read the Book of Mormon for the first time through. I know, but as long as Austin keeps pushing through it, whether he enjoys it or not just get it done. The second time through it is much easier to read. I know we read it all of the time as a family but it is so important to read it on your own.  Then pray.  Soon you again a testimony and reading it becomes a part of who you are.

Congratulations Tyson and Brittany! I'm so happy for them! :) Happy Birthday to Cassy, Byron, Angie and Peter.  I can't believe Peter is a year old.  I bet he is getting big!

So I don't have a ton to write about. My bike is in the shop for the week... My back tire so so out of alignment that it was dragging on the brakes on both sides. It's probably going to cost about 60$ but they are giving me a discount and loaning me a bike for free. They are also going to take care of all the problems it has with out extra cost on my part. What a blessing..

Oh where can I get a copy of my priesthood line?

Also I need some work outs printed out... I need to get into shape. My legs are rocks, but... the rest of my body is... ummm... not... hahaha I am  about 200 lbs now and I don't look like I've gained weight, but apparently I have. My clothes still fit!

This week was pretty great. Well, It had it's really high ups, and it's very lows. Wednesday Sister Wilkey in my district got transferred to help some sisters in another area. She is super great! She is always high energy and fun to be around. So it was really sad to have her leave. She made a huge difference in my mission.

Elder Rose and I lead the zone in our key indicators. We worked so hard this week I was taking naps almost everyday to catch up on my lack of sleep and from exhaustion form work.
We are teaching J... He is one of the most solid investigators!

There's a story President Augustin tells about a man at temple square that would walk back and forth between the gates from the side walk back onto the temple ground. This man had done it about 100 times and security finally approached him and asked him if there was a problem. The man replied something along the lines 'Yes, can you feel that?'  We had a really special experience with our  investigator J... We took him on a church tour so we could get him to church this Sunday.   When we were showing him around we finished with the chapel. We bore our testimonies to him while we were in there.  As we left the chapel into the foyer he turned around and walked right back into the chapel. He stood there for about a minute and then back into the foyer.  He walked in and out about 3 time then said something along the lines of "Wow, I didn't believe in that, but I can feel the difference from just walking in there."  We told him that was the spirit and he could have that after baptism all the time.  It was so neat to actually see someone feel the difference, something that we tend to take for granted. The Chapel is such a spiritual place.  He expressed that he couldn't wait. MAN! that was so exciting!

Something else exciting! We got chased by a pitbull this week! It almost cornered us between him and a major street! We were so scared! haha

Well I don't have anything else to really talk about except all of the wonderful naps I took this week :) I did work hard to deserve the naps!

I love you, and I hope everything is going great!
Elder Marshall

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