Monday, August 6, 2012

Two Weeks... Happy Birthday

Hello!!! (August 6)

I got TONS and TONS of cards every day leading up to my birthday.  I am terrible at writing people back, and I am SO SORRY! I am so thankful for all of the birthday wishes. Hearing from home made my birthday great!  I love getting mail!! All missionaries do.  It was so exciting everyday to go to the mailbox and find TONS of mail in most of it was for me!!  Thanks for the happiest of birthdays! BTW.... I didn't get the cologne, but it could have come today. I will let you know when I get it.

I am so excited for Scott. I hope they decide to use the timeshare because they will enjoy it EXTREMELY! The time shares are so nice to use. There are so many we have loved going to. 

 Tell Austin that it sucks to study. Lets be real. I don't enjoy getting up and studying, but to teach something I don't know is impossible. Pray before you study, ask God to help you learn how to love studying. Then as you are studying pray and ask for help to remember it, and then after you study pray and ask if what you have studied is true. IT IS POINTLESS TO STUDY AND THEN NOT ASK FOR GOD TO TESTIFY TO YOU OF WHAT YOU STUDY. I know when I read the Book of Mormon I read in my head as if I was narrating a play, and try to make it dramatic and exciting. As I do that I don't want to put the book down. Preach my Gospel section 2. read it over.

Sharing the gospel makes such a huge difference in lives. I've realized talking about the gospel, and growing in it together with someone; especially sharing your testimony, will make a friendships that is unbreakable. I've seen it in so many lives. Those that I have taught are so important to me. I would give anything for them.

Things are going well here. We have several investigators with many struggles. Some of the things we are not allowed to council with them about, and it makes it very difficult, but we are helping them to learn how to pray and receive revelation about their struggles. We are doing everything we know how to do to help them.

The other day we had about 20 minutes till 9 and we had gone in. When we got in we both felt that we needed to go knocking. Which is not easy to do late in the evening. So we decided that we would just knock the houses right by our apartment. We knocked 3 doors and nothing. The 4th door a woman in her late 20's answered the door.  She was very apprehensive at first. We talked to her and she knew some members of the church, and then we found out her husband is LDS and that his whole family is! She told us that missionaries have never talked to her in Clovis, but the missionaries in Utah had and they were very pushy. She said she didn't want to know anything about the church but would be willing to have us over for dinner. So Sunday evening we went over to her house with the sisters for dinner and had a good talk. She asked us questions about things and we just talked and talked and.. yeah.. talked some more. Then after dinner she texted us and told us she would like to hear more about the church!!! :D SO TIGHT!

Well that's all for now folks.
I love you!
Elder Marshall

Hey, (August 1)

Hope all is well with everyone!  New Mexico is hot and dry but I love the people here.

That's so great to hear that Austin is getting involved in so many things, church and sports. I hope he finds a friend, a solid best friend. I love knowing Tyler and Matt were always there for me and know that I am making great friends here that will be with me through my life.  I hope Austin gets his call soon.  The sooner he leaves the soon I will see him. 

I am going to miss Evan. I hope he remembers once a Marshall always a Marshall.

Building relationships as a family is so important.  Praying as a family. FHE may seem unnecessary when there are only two or if you have a young family, but it really will bless them. Taking time every night to talk to each other about their day things that are bugging them or things they love about each other. Praying together helps to building a relationship.  They could even go early in the morning and take a walk around the park. There are a lot of things that can be done to build a great relationship. Marriage is sacred.  What a great blessing the temple is too.  Attending often gives you a sense of peace.  I miss being so far away from the temple.

Things are going well. We are teaching a couple people that are great.  I have been fasting and praying more than I have in my entire life.  I am reading a lot in the Book of Mormon. I have been going through King Mosiah's speech. It is so great to be able to receive revelation through the scriptures. God loves us!

I love you. 
Elder Marshall  

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