Monday, August 27, 2012

Super Cool Experience

Hey there everyone!

That's great to hear that you got a good rain this past week. The whole nation needs a good rain to bring them out of this drought. I think it's pretty ironic that two thirds of this planet is covered in water, but we don't have enough... hmm.. lol!

That's exciting that Austin could be on his mission soon! I bet he is loving going on his mini mission. Is he using those shirt stays I got him? and are they helping him out at all? like keeping his shirt in? (Not all untucked like a marshmallow) also I know he probably doesn't want to learn it, but have him learn how to sew. It will help. I always have to get Sister Lao to sew everything of mine. haha

HAWAII! That's exciting! I hope you two enjoy the heck out of it! Are you two going to visit Zed? I miss him. How is he and Tiara and their baby doing? 

So we had a super cool experience this past week! We were walking home Wednesday from the college library after our email to president. We had turned down a couple of rides because we had been praying about finding someone we can help. We both felt that we should walk all day until we found someone. So we walked up to the Central Baptist Church here in town. We have an investigator that works there and we told her we would go on a tour of the church. The church is set up very nice, and there are many great things in there. We left there and kept walking. It was about 5 o'clock and we were over by the mall. There was a Jeep that pulled over with an Air Force guy in it and he asks us if we want a ride. We had turned down a couple rides before hand from those we knew, but we looked at each other shrugged our shoulders and jumped in! We talked to him a little and found out that he is a less-active member. He has been less-active for 5 years! He told us that he had been praying and thinking about how he could get back into church, and there we were on the side of the road! An answer to his prayers! What a neat experience! As we talked on the drive home with him we are going to start teaching him. He committed to pick us up for church too. Yesterday morning there he was in the drive at our apartments! His first time to church in 5 years. I am sure his mother is over joyed! Ken is going to be a great active member when he gets back from training!  It is interesting to me how God had plans to answer both of our prayers at the same time.
I know that God loves each of us. I know that He always has our best interest in mind. He is there to guide us as long as we are willing to submit to His will and listen to the guidance the Spirit gives us.

Let Jessica know that I love her. I am grateful for the doodles she sends me! Also let her know that the reason I ask for others to get her doodles is a way of me bragging ;) Just kidding- seriously!  I love to see how happy it makes others to get things in the mail from her. It is a sight to see. I love how to watch them open up the mailbox see a letter sitting there and act like they just got free candy :) And hers are the best.

My finger is still attached :) I haven't had any accidents lately. I may be a klutz, but I have kept it under control as far as the harming myself anymore.

I am starting a quote book. Well I have been doing it for a while now. I have a book now that I keep in my pocket that is specifically for quotes. P-- and H----- know all about it. (their investigators that live in our complex) They end up getting quoted quite frequently. Usually funny things they say. One of the quotes I have in my book really stands out to me.
Continuous effort---not strength or intelligence--is the key to unlocking our potential.
-Winston Churchill
Endure to the end and rely on God.

I am happy to hear all is well with you! :) I love you!
Elder Marshall

I got the CD from the Walker's!  Thanks for it!
Happy Birthday GMA!
Love you!
Elder Marshall

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