Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Wish I Spoke Spanish


I'm glad you all really enjoyed going up to the cabin! I am really jealous.

So this past week has been pretty interesting, and fairly fun.
So thursday after emails I went into our room and was cleaning and I went to shake my pillow out, and I swung it up and a cigarette came flying out.. or so we thought. Apparently there was one sitting above the closet door! E krizin and I were both freaking out lol it was crazy. I guess we didn't clean everywhere. 
Saturday we were out tracting and it was dead out! Nobody was outside! So we pulled up to the end of this street and a minute later this Mexican guy come out his front door and starts waving for us to come in! So.. we did :) it was SO COOL! we tried talking to him, but we don't speak spanish, and he didn't speak english. I saw his guitar and pointed at it and asked if he played. This guy picked it up and started playing these super mexican mariachi songs and we just sat there and goofed around and listened. We ended up recording the songs and then he went into his room and got an accordian! He started playing more mariachi songs! It was crazy! We ended up taking pictures and video of it. It was super fun.
Oh dad. Can you send some spanish sentences for me. Like hi we're missionaries and don't speak spanish... something like that. And, can we send the missionaries to teach you in Spanish?  It would really help out cause we don't speak spanish, but don't know how to ask if they want spanish missionaries to teach them or what they're address is and things like that.
We were teaching this lady, and it was so cool. After the lesson we had with her we asked if she would pray, and she refused, but her little daughter really wanted to. So she came and stood next to me and just repeated what I said :) It was adorable. Right before I went to stand up the little girl turned and gave me a hug :) It was so neat.
E. krizin and I have been trying to find more investigartors, but it has been really difficult to do so.
We went up to Seagraves the other day to teach a family who's daughters are getting ready to be baptized. It was really great to get to know them. We also went and did some knocking up there. We found a potential. He's 17 and and hopefully we can teach his whole family. From what we know he's a great kid and lives his life pretty much like a dry mormon :) I hope the family really comes to accept the gospel in their lives.
The past couple days I've been up in Lubbock on exchanges with E hernandez. It's been really great.
Well that's pretty much all I have. I hope to have more success stories next week.
I love you all and am really grateful for all of the support. I promise I will write all of you back that have written me. I haven't had much time lately to write, and I'm trying to only write on pday.
P.s. I would LOVE!!!!! pictures from anyone. I miss seeing all of you!

Elder Marshall

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