Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sharing With Neighbors

Hello everyone, 
Thanks for all of the letters.
This week has been slow teaching wise ...but good things happened.
Friday Elder Krizin had surgery on his foot. Which has put us out of being able to work for the week.
Tuesday. We drove up to Lubbock for district meeting (I'm driving cause E. krizin can't put his foot down for to long.) When we got home we saw our neighbor working on his truck and we decided to walk over there and talk to him. So we were talking to him and sharing the gospel with him and another neighbor got home and came over to us while we were talking (He knows the first neighbor from work) So we started talking to both of them and the second guy M... started opening himself up and asking questions and really wanting to know what we share. We started discussing with him just how the gospel would bring joy into his life and he started to open up even more. Then E. Krizin went over and got the first guys information and I was giving M...ours and I just felt an impression to bear my testimony to him about how this gospel has blessed my life and he started to tear up a little. The spirit was SO strong that night. The best thing is we committed him to go to the bible study our branch holds on Wednesday.
Wednesday M... showed up to the bible study. He was FULL of questions and comments and curiosity. At the end he told us a little more of his religious background, and he said he was Catholic, but he always felt like things in what they taught that were not all true or fully there. Then he went to a christian church and he said it shed more light, but it didn't seem like it was quite enough. He said he felt comfortable at our church and really enjoyed being there. 
I can really see him being baptized. 
Oh cool fact of the week. My comp just reminded me that we're singing a cappella "Be Still My Soul" in church for the rest hymn. I'm pretty excited. We harmonize really well.
That's about all I've got for the week.
I love you,
Elder Marshall

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