Thursday, October 6, 2011

Transferred Again

Momma and friends,

Conference was AMAZING. I really enjoyed it. There were many things that were uplifting. I really love listening to Pres. Monson.  He made me laugh so hard! :)

Monday was pretty frustrating day. We were supposed to get our call for transfers between 10 and noon. Our zone leaders forgot to call us and we finally called them. Elder Krizin and I got double transferred out of Seminole. When we went to visit the branch members to tell them they were really upset. One of the families actually cried (the parents did.) They said we have a spirit about us that made us great missionaries. I really miss Seminole, the people there are so wonderful and loving. I really felt home when I was there. 

We are in a ward here.  We are about 4 hours or so from the mission home.  We are the only two missionaries in Big Spring. It is a really small town, just like I wanted.

I LOVE the photo's.   It's nice to see everyone and show people who friends and family are.Any of my friends can send photo's too or give them to Momma, she sends me packages every month or so.

Next package I would LOVE beef jerky from Costco. I'm sure theirs other things, but I can't think of anything right now..

That's good. I have a ton of letters to reply to, but I just don't seem to have the time

I got transferred to Big Spring (NO "S" at the end) TX. It's great here. I'm with Elder Salmond (The D is silent). He's The district leader here. We are whitewashing the area together, and this is his first time being a district leader. I'm really excited to be working here. I really miss working and can not wait. I don't have any time left on this computer..... They allow an hour and the computer turns off. No matter what. So I've gotta go. I love you and I'm glad everyone is doing okay. 

I miss Tyler and Matt letter's.  Print them and mail them, I don't have enough time of the computer for everyone.  How are Dylan, Ali, Julia and Jonathon doing?  Print their letters too!:)

Elder Marshall

(I'll post his new address as soon as I get it.  He forgot to send it with this email.  You can send letters to the mission office - the address is on the sidebar.  However, please do not send packages to the mission office, they do not forward them.  Thanks for all you love and support.)

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