Thursday, October 27, 2011

Our Investigators

Here is some about our investigators..
J and E are a couple that we're teaching, and the are the most sincere investigators. It's humbling to just hear them pray. They know this gospel is true. We've also been teaching Elizabeth's mom and grandma and we asked the mom what she though about getting baptized (We can't baptize her cause she lives out of the area) and she expressed to us that she see's this peace inside of us and so much joy, and that she wants that in her life. WOW. I was about to cry like a little baby the spirit was so strong. They're all going to be baptized eventually. I know it. They have the most sincere questions, and I have such a great love for them.

WE are also teaching E and T. They are so great. They always have us over for dinner. We went over there the other day and did yard work for them. It was supposed to be a surprise but their daughter showed up and caught us. At least it gave us the chance to get to know her better and possibly teach her more about the church. She's "Not looking for a religion though", but the religion is looking for her. :D

Oh yesterday at district meeting we were able to have our interviews with president. The really neat part is when we showed up to the chapel there was this guy that was there working. He is Auntie Michelle Monga's brother! We talked for a bit. Very neat guy. His name is Ken Thevenin.

Elder Salmond and I have been working very hard together we are trying to find those that are ready to be baptized. He has been teaching me to be more bold in my teaching and how to become a better missionary. I learn each and every single day we're together. HE is a great missionary. 

I'm grateful for all that you do for me. I love you so much.
Elder Marshall

PS Thanks for the Notes in the package :) I enjoyed them especially to hear from Uncle Bobby
PPS  I love Lars' "Be good... Sort of." He totally knows me :) P.S. The comp I'm with now reminds me of Lars 98% of the day haha:)
PPPS Thanks for the spanish CD's I'm already putting them to use.

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