Thursday, October 13, 2011

Type Writer

Howdy :D :D 

My new address is
1429 E. 6th St.  Apt 34
Big Spring, TX 79720
I would love to have all of the missionary and letters mailed to me. Everyone else who wants to write would be great!  :)

We have to drive down to midland each week for district meeting. It's a nice drive, and it gives us some time to either think or talk :)

We live in an upstairs apartment. It's not to shabby, but I know I would never live there after the mish. I probably wouldn't live in most of the places missionaries live. haha

That's great to hear that lars and liz will have family time. If they slack... I'll fly home over night beat them up, give tham a good talking to and then fly back before my comp gets up in the morning. :) haha

Things are going GREAT out here in Big Spring. It's definitely different from Seminole (I LOVE Seminole.), but I'm learning to love it here. I really am enjoying the work here. My companion is giving me room to grow, and is teaching me so many things. He lets me answer questions and talk at the door, and even when I freeze he just lets me keep on making a fool of myself just standing right there next to me smilin :) It's great... hahahaha

We have a ton of investigators and we're pullin apart the hay to find the needles.

The other night we just stopped in on a family we're teaching. We normally are there answering questions and talking and that night we were able to sit down and teach them about the Book of Mormon and the importance it is, and how it's the Keystone of our religion. After the lesson. I felt this strong impression to invite them to prepare to be baptized. Everyone seemed kinda thrown through a loop. My companion didn't see it coming and the couple didn't see it coming and the member we were with didn't see it coming, and best of all I didn't see it coming, but the impression was so strong it just came out. The couple went on to say that they've been baptized and started asking questions of why they need to again. Normally my previous companions would have just taken over and answered all the questions. I looked over at Elder Salmond, and he just smiled and let me take it! The spirit had to be guiding me, because I know if I was to answer the questions by me.. It wouldn't have gone as well as it did :) 

We have a baptism this Saturday, and I have the opportunity to give the talk on the Holy Ghost. I will have to type it up on my brand spankin new TYPE WRITER!!! I found in our apartment :D

This last Monday we were able to go on exchanges with our zone leaders. I had a great experience down in ODESSA! I was in first ward area so I didn't get to visit or see the members I would have liked to , but we got a ton of work done. We did a church tour (my first as a missionary). It was so great the investigators had a great experience. We got into the chapel and Elder Brewster said. "How do you feel in here?" And WHOOSH the spirit hit me like a ton of bricks!

I'm really loving my area and the work that we're able to do. But I'm dog tired every night. Which is a good thing :)
Well I'll have to put more of what happened during the week in my planner so I have more to tell.
I love you. You're in my prayers, and always in my heart.

Elder Marshall

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