Friday, March 23, 2012

Moved to Midland

Hey Everybody,
SOO I've been transferred to Midland! There's other missionaries around here so it's nice. I've been called as a District leader. That's weird.. I have to find stuff to talk to other missionaries about for 45 minutes!  It will go well though.  I have absolutely no idea what to do haha I'm so lost. 

My new companion is Elder Travis Rose. He pretty tight. I'm enjoying being in a new place. When I left Big Spring I got about a million kisses on the cheek by the ladies in the ward. I also got some pretty cool things. I ended up writing thank you notes to just about every active member who helped further the work. I hope that gives them a boost and get the member work flying there. The members there are the best!  I felt very loved and taken care of...I know momma wanted to hear that, but it is true- members loving the missionaries is so important.
Elder Simpson stayed in Big Spring and he is comps with my last district leader Elder Harrison, who is still the district leader. I think they will do well together. 

P-DAYS ARE ON MONDAY!!! No more Thursday.  It broke up the week but I am excited for the change.
That's great to hear that Cameron is home and he enjoyed his mission.  Welcome home Cameron.
As for preparing for general conference I'm pretty much going to pray about things I need answers to and then write them down so I can receive revelation for the things I need. The Lord knows each of us and will give us all of the information we need and those we righteously desire.
My address is 3601 Andrews Hwy apartment 405 Midland Texas 79705.
I am so scatter brained this morning. I've been cleaning the apartment like a mad dog. It's the gnarliest place I've lived in so far. There are food stains all over and gross things... I feel like I should just choke and die.  I HATE messy things! I certainly can't sleep in messes. 
What's Matt's full name? I want to write him.
I love you - I've got like 30 emails..
Elder Marshall

PS... Don't forget to write me on Sunday so I get emails on MONDAY!!!

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