Monday, March 26, 2012

Love and Service

Hello Friends and Family-

Are you ready for General Conference?  I am looking forward to hearing the words of our Prophet and those other men and women who have been asked to speak to us.

I've already found some great material to use for district meeting tomorrow. One is about creating success I can't remember who wrote it though. I want to sit down around the table with everyone and we're going to discuss their areas and how we as a district can make a difference, and what we can do to have more success. I believe our district will lead the zone by pushing with love and service :)

I on occasion feel like I don't have enough time to be out here on my mission. I think it's going by to fast. But at the same time when I think about it I feel like I'VE BEEN OUT FOREVER.  The mission president has rules about dinner appointments, but the ward tries to feed us as much as possible. I'm still in the Odessa zone. I hope to never leave it, but it will probably come to an end someday. 

I really don't know to much about Elder Rose. I'm still trying to find out about him since it's only been a week. He's not much of a talker, but when he talks it's either hilarious or it means something. We're really loving serving together. I should have more next week to tell you about him.We are the only two in our apartment. There isn't a single apartment where two sets of elders live. Every companionship has their own place to live. I haven't quite got it done, but Elder Rose said it's the cleanest it's been since he's been there 6 months. I can't live someplace that is messy.

That's good to hear that the building is just about done with. I'm excited to see pictures of it and actually see it when I get home. Y'all could make a video if a tour and show me every single inch of the new place. I should be sending a box home soon with a couple memory cards.

That's exciting to hear that Ryan and Sammie are going to have a baby! I can't wait till they name it Devon ;) hehehehe.

MAN! Tell Zed and his family to come here! I will be so jealous if he and his wife come up for conference breakfast!  He loves the sticky buns!

The work here is going SUPER! Elder Rose and I are hoping to set the most baptismal dates here in our zone! We're already tied at 4 dates with some super solid people and then we're going to have at least 2 more by the end of the week. I love the people we're teaching. One guy Joe, told us the Book of Mormon is kinda like being a runner that has always ran on a dirt track, and it just got paved. SO SICK!

I love the ward here. I haven't quite met everyone there yet. But we're going to go visit several members during the week to get to know them and their families.

OH! who here is related to Grandma Fish?!?! I remember she said something about it when we went to visit.  I would love to know who so we can visit them! :D That would be so neat. Maybe if I get a minute I'll shoot her a quick letter!  I would love to hear from her.

Elder Marshall 

PS Thanks for everything :)

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