Thursday, March 8, 2012

Super Exciting News!

Hey Family and Friends,
Sounds like some exciting things are happening in up there! I am excited Austin is starting his papers!  Soon there will be no one at home, except you and dad.  

Our transfer call is Monday the 19th of March so we have one more good week together. :) at least one more for sure week. Elder Simpson and I need a package with treats in them. Actually I am trying to eat better so I can loose some weight, but a package would be awesome!  We really appreciate you mailing us stuff!  We love mail and stuff :) !

Yeah I got the package with the apron. I love it! I use it all the time especially when I'm white ninja and I don't want to make a mess of myself :) My comp needs one too!  He is always trying to wash stains out of his clothes...kidding...really he does need an apron.

It so so sad to hear about Sister Black's passing, at least she'll be doing much better up in heaven. :) But we will miss her quick wit. 

Happy Birthday last week to Evan!  Happy Birthday this week to Grandma C!  

SSSSOOOOO!!! I have some super exciting news! So this last Saturday I got a call from my Zone Leaders and they had the GREATEST news EVER! So remember we were teaching a girl in Odessa-- R --- my very first area, she has accepted a baptismal date!  We let the sisters who took over 2nd ward in Odessa know who she was and when we moved out they went to visit her.  SO the best part of all is she wants me to baptize her! Saturday E. Simpson and I get to drive down to Odessa! I"M SO PUMPED!

That's so exciting to hear the progress on the office building! I can't wait to see the pictures! HINT!! I'm sure it looks great and dad is probably excited to be moving in soon! :D

The weather is so weird here! Yesterday, Wednesday it was 84! and today it is 39 with a good mist! What is wrong with Texas. It has hot flashes and cold sweats... 

That's not good to hear that grandma isn't doing well. Tell her to feel better! And to be happy!  

We've been really busy knocking a lot! Tuesday Elder Simpson and I went on exchanges I was with our district leader up here in Big Spring. I was with Elder Harrison. We had a great exchange.

OH! what's the recipe for the pizza casserole and any other quick meal? Will you see if any one has any like 15- 20 min meals I can make. I'm pretty sick of eating fruits and veggies raw and  freezer food. I wish there was a missionary cook book that had healthy meals for cheap that don't take most of the hour to prep and make. HINT!

I love you. Thanks for everything. 
Elder Marshall

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