Friday, December 9, 2011

Basketball and Scriptures

Howdy :)

So this week was good. :) We had the baptism of J and E! They're so great! I absolutely love them! heir baptism went really well E. Salmond fell when Juan was coming back up! It was really funny... we all couldn't help but laugh. :D

We had an interesting bible study with them last night. We played basketball and as we all took turns shooting, if you missed you had to tell something about what you know or have learned from the lessons or the scriptures. Afterward we read with them the story of Joseph in Egypt and Potipher's wife and how he interpreted dreams and more. We went over how it's important to stand against what they know is wrong. It is continuously more and more difficult to choose the right. 

Oh L decided I look like I'm from the 50's or 60's, and then everyone else decided I was too haha

Tuesday we did exchanges with the elders down in Midland. I was with Elder Cahoon. He was great. We did a whole lot of knocking, but it's difficult to teach in Midland. The people there are not very accepting or interested in our message. 

As for Christmas We are able to Skype home if there is a member in the ward that has that capability to do. I will have more info next week as to possibly when. I will also be able to call home while we are setting it up. :)

I'm glad you love the scarf! :) (Devon made a scarf for me for Christmas.  It was in a package he sent home for Christmas not wrapped)     I was a little nervous it would be to short.

I figured dad would love the sign and help him realize life is easy when your not in a blender :)(Dad's present was a sign that said You thought your day was stressful and had a fish in a blender) hahaha
Well I don't have much more as of right now :)

I love you, and I am so glad things are going well.. except for austin being sick. I hope he feels better soon. :)

The church is true.  Keep studying the scriptures!
Elder Marshall

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