Thursday, December 1, 2011

Saturday at 5

Hey Momma,
Boy oh boy,it is time to set up for Christmas-- you always have so many nativities up! :) at least it's better than Santas and snowmen.

E is getting baptized this week with her Husband J. :) I'm going to be baptizing E. You can add her to facebook and chat with her if you want :) haha You would love her.  We're/ The Lord is having a baptismthis Saturday at 5! :D NEATO! I'm really excited for it!

Hermana Gomez is a member :) She has a family you could probably find her daughter Itzel on FB and talk to her.
The ward is treating us great. :) they are all very good people.

My comp and I are.. Doing WONDERFUL.... I'm just getting tired of being with the same person constantly. I love him, but I feel like I've been trapped in a room with him for 3 years.. I have a hard time with that.

Next Transfer call is the 26th of Dec. and then We will leave or stay the next day or so.

You can send me anything you want to. I'd kinda like another memory card for my camera, and a couple of flash drives so I can put the Photo's on those and send them home :) SO YOU have pictures! :D

I'd rather have cash than gift cards, but if anybody wants to give gift cards they're more than welcome!! ;) Walmart ones are good, cause that's mostly where we shop. I'd like a copy of Marking the Scriptures by Daniel Ludlow :) It would be nice to have:)

I love you. I know that this is Christ's church and it is restored in it's fullness. I know that this Gospel will bring anybody closer to Christ, The Book of Mormon is the word of God.
Elder Marshall

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  1. Waay to go Devon! We think of you often and are really proud of you and the work you're doing! Have you learned to speak the language yet?(you know, TEXAN)??
    Merry Christmas, Terry and Pam